Manually revert Modest

I upgraded Modest to it’s latest version (1.0-2008.16-1) the other day and it stopped working i.e. no connection to Gmail IMAP. The previous version (1.0-2008.15-1) worked fine… but I just didn’t know how to revert back to this version. So I reckoned itT would be the best place to try and find a solution, and I did thanks to member qole. Thanks qole!

I’ve pasted his solution below and changed the links for version 1.0-2008.15-1. […]

Canola 2 | Modest update

New beta (2.0.0~beta8-maemo1) update for Canola2 just been released. Refresh your Application List on your N8x0 Internet Tablet to grab the updates (themes and C2:YouTube updates are available also). If you use the Modest email client on your N8x0, it has a new beta (1.0-2008.15.1) update also. Again grab the update via Application Manager. UPDATE Read more about Canola 2 | Modest update[…]