Manually revert Modest

I upgraded Modest to it’s latest version (1.0-2008.16-1) the other day and it stopped working i.e. no connection to Gmail IMAP. The previous version (1.0-2008.15-1) worked fine… but I just didn’t know how to revert back to this version. So I reckoned itT would be the best place to try and find a solution, and I did thanks to member qole. Thanks qole!

I’ve pasted his solution below and changed the links for version 1.0-2008.15-1. […]

Canola 2 | Modest update

New beta (2.0.0~beta8-maemo1) update for Canola2 just been released. Refresh your Application List on your N8x0 Internet Tablet to grab the updates (themes and C2:YouTube updates are available also). If you use the Modest email client on your N8x0, it has a new beta (1.0-2008.15.1) update also. Again grab the update via Application Manager. UPDATE Read more about Canola 2 | Modest update[…]

Canola 2 update

Canola, the sassy media player for the Nokia Internet Tablet (NIT) has released an update (beta6). Refresh your Application Manger list to grab the update. And restart your NIT after installing the update. List of changes below:

      New view for current podcast downloads; shows information about the download.
      Newly organized podcast menu with new submenus such as “Today’s episodes” , “New episodes” (Episodes that have been downloaded and have not yet been played).
      Podcast also give a visual clue to whether an episode has been played or not.
      Podcast better ensures state when exiting Canola during download.